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Interview with Multi-disciplinary Artist Maker Zuzana Breznanikova

As I have written about previously, I have recently discovered and closely followed the fast-evolving world of NFT Art.

The breadth of artwork that is being created is staggering and can range from the bizarre to the exquisite.

One artist I have discovered, is London based image maker Zuzana Breznanikova, who uses multiple mediums to create inspiring and thought-provoking living artworks.

I wrote about Zuzana in my previous article and have massively enjoyed seeing her progression as an artist.

The Resurrection of Christ the Redeemer NFT by artist Zuzana Breznanikova

Zuzana was kind enough to spare some time for an interview and it was fascinating to hear more about her creative process. Zuzana spoke openly about the emotions she feels when creating and her hopes for the future of the industry.

01. When did you first discover you had a passion for creating?

When my dad gave me a camera at the age of 13. Photography has been my passion ever since. When creating I get in as state of flow and I am fully immersed in the artwork.

02. What does NFT Art mean to you?

It means freedom of self-expression for me. I am passionate about creating. With NFTs I can explore new possibilities of expression which I find very liberating. Also, for a blockchain enthusiast like me it is very exciting to be in the space, contributing to the scene and meeting like-minded people and creators. It makes me feel like I am a part of the revolution.

03. Can you talk us through your creative process?

I like telling stories through multiple mediums, often combining elements of analogue and digital. I get inspired by art, cinema, nature, society and modern technology. I also lean on my interest in psychology, philosophy and my personal journey. I like to create live artwork or pieces with audio-visual component and to manipulate digital files to fit my imagination.

My process is constantly evolving and influenced by what I feel is right at the time. I like to come back to pieces I have previously created and add another layer of art. I have recently been experimenting with digital painting, which I feel has had an extra layer of dynamism to my work.

04. What are some of your favourite artworks that you have created so far?

My artwork is often a direct result of the raw emotions I am experiencing at the time. One such piece FRAGILITY on Foundation was born out of feelings of tragedy when a family friend died. Although the emotions are still raw, I found the experience of creating cathartic. This work symbolises the fragility of life. Tragedy and particularly the death of someone you care about can be unbearable, as many of us have experienced. I have lost a number of family members to cancer — my cousin died of brain cancer just this week. The sadness is still very painful but the knowledge that life is fragile can inspire us to cherish our lives and our loved ones. These feelings of loss can lead us to living life to the fullest, pursuing our passions.

05. Tell us about your ‘Ether Dystopia Genesis’ series on OpenSea.

This series is a reflection of my wild imagination and my desire to create darker artwork sometimes.

Ether Dystopia Genesis Series is set in a Gotham like dystopian future city called ‘Ether Dystopia’. The city is full of sinister creatures including aliens, xenomorphs, cyborgs, humanoids, creepy dolls and other ominous characters.

In this dark, dystopian city even the superheroes struggle to contain the chaos and disorder. So, a legendary sword fighter from medieval times is brought in to try to contain the chaos.

Zhora of Galaga Universe #1 NFT by artist Zuzana Breznanikova

06. What are some of the themes you like to delve into when you are creating?

My artwork tends to fall into 2 different styles or themes. One style often displays the harmony of classic art juxtaposed with modern technology and is reminiscent of contemporary Renaissance and often a reflection of my emotions. My aim for these artworks, is to challenge one to think, in a constant search for meaning and happiness.

The other is darker and more futuristic and allows me to engage with my vivid imagination and sometimes inspired by cinema and pop culture. I enjoy creating more sinister artwork with menacing or creepy characters to entertain and even disturb the viewer.

07. Where do you see the future of NFT going?

I am excited about the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs which I see as disruptive.

NFT as a certificate of authenticity and ownership can be applied to so many different industries and spheres of life. From shaking up the traditional art world, to sports, insurance and gaming, there are so many future applications of NFTs.

I am particularly excited about the way luxury and fashion industries are starting to embrace the technology. Such as luxury watches being created through blockchain to ‘wearable’ fashion and accessories using augmented reality. There are already companies and artists that are innovating and paving the way for others.

08. Can you give us an insight into any future work you have planned?

I am planning some exciting collaborations with high-profile artists to explore the possibilities of expression and the creative processes. The ambition is to raise money for charities, and I am really excited to see where it will take me.

I do hope to be able to support other NFT artists in the future as well. I really appreciate the NFT community and would like to give back and support the amazing talent out there.

It was great speaking with Zuzana and I look forward to watching her future projects. I would encourage you to follow her on Instagram @etherdystopia or Twitter @breznanikova.

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